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The Who 2002 was born out of a passion for Music shared by Its founder and owner Michael Hobson and the team that planned and initiated site construction in 1999. Three years later, has found its place in the online music space. The site is comprised of three distinct areas; The Groove Shop, The Gear Shop and The Encore Shop. The Groove Shop is intended to be all things vinyl - a place that LP lovers can go to and find new and collectible LP's and accessories. The Gear Shop is a place for our LP lovers and others to shop for new and used Hi Fi equipment with a focus on analog two channel systems eventually including turntables, tonearms and cartridges. The Encore Shop is where fans come to purchase recordings of Live Concerts they have attended which have been made available through's Encore Series concept and relationships with Premier touring bands such as The Who.

Many of's team members also wear hats at our sister company Classic Records. The experience of the team in terms of the production of new LP's, CD's and DVD's makes uniquely suited to Encore Series efforts available at The Encore Shop. The Staff of's Groove and Gear shops are long time LP collectors, music lovers and stereo equipment enthusiasts capable of the high level of customer service that we are devoted to insuring. The consumer experience at's shops is designed to be easy, valuable and fun. Customer Satisfaction is one of our primary objectives - If a customer has a suggestion on how we can improve our services then we want to know about it.
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