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Category: CD/DVD Players
Price: $299.95
Technical Data: Click to view
Description: If you are in the mood to transfer music to your computer’s hard drive from virtually any source, from your treasured LPs to old cassettes to even a live, mixed-to-2-channel music performance, you definitely want to make the HRT LineStreamer+ ’s acquaintance.
Unlike other HRT products that work to decode the digits coming from your computer into analog music, either as real-time playing of a music disc or from files played from the hard drive, the LineStreamer+ does just the opposite: it is an external sound card of extremely high quality that converts Analog sounds into Digital information, so that the music can be stored on the hard drive for playback later. Using an ultra high performance 24 bit Analog-to-Digital (A-to-D) converter chip, the LineStreamer+ is a complete digital recording system in one small, unobtrusive, and easy-to-use box. Able to work effectively with a variety of third-party recording software programs (not supplied with the unit), the LineStreamer+ allows anyone to record digitally with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of fun. With all of its power requirements supplied through one USB cable, and with a degree of power isolation from the host computer that allows unprecedented dynamic range and quietness, the LineStreamer + is poised to become a favorite of both hobbyists and professionals alike: its ease of use is a boon to every-day users, while its sophistication means that it produces results that will never be embarrassed in a real-world pro studio environment.
Like the other HRT Streamer products, the LineStreamer+ uses asynchronous data transfer protocol to provide an essentially jitter-free interface between whatever analog source is being recorded and the host computer, allowing your computer to become a superb digital audio recorder. It also makes use of the native Audio Class1.0 drivers that are present in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers, so there are no extra drivers or software to install. Simply connect it to your computer via a good-quality USB cable, confirm that the LineStreamer + is the chosen device in the computer’s preferences area, fire up your chosen recording software, and you are ready to go. LED indicators show the current sample rate (32k, 44k1, 48k, 88k2 & 96k) as well as the state of the device’s mute circuit. On the input end of the LineSteamer + a pair of peak indicators are provided so you can monitor the recording level to make sure that you are staying below overload levels so that you can obtain perfect results every time.
High Resolution Technologies’ UpStream utility allows the LineStreamer+ firmware to be updated right from the computer’s desktop in a matter of seconds.

Please contact Scot Markwell at the Gear Shop for more information via email or telephone.
U.S.: (800) 457-2577 x22
International: (323) 466-9694 x22

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